Best Features Of App Store In iOS 11

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It’s been almost a month since we have iOS 11 announcements and its beta versions. There has been a lot of buzz about the latest new features that this wonderful operating system is coming up with. You might have heard about the revamped app store that is going to make its way with this new iOS version. So, if you are interested in finding out more about the app store in iOS 11 then here are some of the best iOS 11 app store features that you must look into.

  • Today Section

Right after you open the app store in your iOS 11, the biggest change made to it will be visible right there. The app opens with Today tab in focus and here you will find some great new games and apps showcased along with editor’s choice list.

Best Features Of App Store In iOS 11

All the noteworthy new apps get dedicated cards arranged beautifully in vertically-scrolling list. When one of the entries are tapped, an article related to the game or app will be opened up in which you will be able to get content from Apple like feature tours and Apple products reviews. There will be some curated lists as well and the content is updated on daily basis.

  • Tips And Guides For Various Apps

This feature comes as part of Today section but really deserves to be described separately. The app store will throw how-to guides at you very often for all the popular games and apps as you scroll down Today view. Besides, there will be articles that offer different related tips as well.

  • In-App Purchases

Apple has also come up with an all-new way of finding and making in-app purchases from app store directly. When taking a look at some app, you will have to expand the entry labeled “In-App Purchases” present in Information section and it will display all paid upgrades on offer from any game or app. The new thing here is that in-app purchases will be made right from this very screen. Though this feature is not fully active as of now, but once it is, any of the items could be tapped for initiating direct in-app purchases from App Store. Today tab will also come with the occasion section that will highlight noteworthy in-app purchases you might be interested in.

  • Games And Apps Get Individual Spotlights

A couple of new sections will be introduced for replacing Top Charts and Categories tabs from previous App Store versions and they really make great sense too. First of all, there is a new Games tab that will be brimming with the curated lists – top paid, top new, top free, themed lists, categories, and more. In the same manner, complete overhaul is given for the addition of Apps tab that will let you discover great new apps. The simple reason behind creating two separate tabs is to help users find everything easily in separate tabs so that nothing is mixed up.

  • Reviews And Ratings Prioritized

Obviously, the basic functionality of App Store in iOS 11 is letting you to browse and install your favorite apps but it again comes with a few changes here as well. When viewing the app, you will be able to see its star rating as well as overall popularity. Age rating of the app is also visible and more priority is given to What’s New section. All these things combine to offer you most pertinent info possible without having to tap or scroll unnecessarily.

Besides, the developers will also be able to respond directly to various reviews posted for their apps. So, whenever the apps start getting buggy, just leave a review and it is very much possible that developers take notice of your opinion and come up with the best fix for the problem.

  • Abundance Of Visual Tweaks

Wherever you go within the App Store of iOS 11, you will feel that something new is there for you. Basic interface of the app store is redesigned by Apple completely. For example, the icons that go along your screen’s bottom have become a little heavier now and rounded silhouette appearance is now given to the buttons everywhere in the interface.

To put it simply, everything in the app store has now become a lot more bold and visible. It now looks great with off-white backgrounds given to flat white theme as well.

That’s not all about iOS 11 as new discoveries are being made every moment and there are a host of new changes and features that need to be described about the new iOS 11. App store is just the beginning and there will be lots more to come for sure. And, believe it or not, it’s really going to offer one hell of an experience.

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