Course Information of Certificate III Disability Support

Working with handicapped people can be a very compensating future and this curriculum is the best choice for those wanting to join the field. Expert and professional disabled employees are rapidly in need in the communal facilities field.Course Information of Certificate III Disability Support.

Cert III of disability support is Australia's latest disability training course. Suitable for those who want to build their future for people with disabilities by getting the latest nationally recognized qualification for carers and assistance employees.
This course involves training, which will prepare you for performing disability care by including the necessary safety procedures for direct care work. It transfers certificate III into disability.

This training course is given through self-paced online learning. As a student of this online personalized help curriculum, you can start your study any time of the year and at your own pace, you can study during your free time to complete your qualification.

There are no formal admission requirements or prerequisites for this course. However, students like this:

  • You must 18 years old or older

  • Sound language and literacy skills (at least 10 years, or even equivalent)

  • Basic computer skills

You will complete the evaluation of the individual learning plan as part of your enrollment, and then you will be provided a training plan that identifies your co-organization, keeping in mind the relevant knowledge and skills of your current level. In the individual support curriculum, Certificate III has 12- month duration of disability care specialization.

Depending on your industry experience and relevant knowledge, this course can be up to 1440 hours (including business appointment) for up to 1440 study hours. Assignment ways for this course include various questions, projects, case studies, observation and a skill journal, which provide you with maximum opportunity to develop your knowledge of personal assistance and expertise in handicap care.
There are a total of 13 units in Certificate III in Personal Assistance (Disability). This includes 7 main units, 4 disability specialization units, and 2 other optional units.

All students must complete the professional appointment as part of this course to help develop their skills and knowledge in the care of the disabled students.

To get your qualification, you will need to start contact with a registered and approved aged care, domestic, and community, disability or community service facility and must work at least 120 hours and up to 240 placement hours. This allows you to gain practical industry and work experience, where you have to learn how to apply the lessons that you learn during your training.

Students must complete a police investigation and additional manual handling training before starting their professional placement on their chosen facility. For the students employed for their professional appointment, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) suggest immunity for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Influenza.

Certification III in disability support program will prepare you for a rewarding career in the disabled, community or residential care industry. As part of this disability care curriculum, you will develop tools to help you become a great disability caregiver, such as how to support living with people with disabilities and creating empowerment environment for people through community participation.
In the Cert III Disability, your extra attention will be on how to help develop your clients' skills, encourage community involvement and involvement, and empower people with disabilities.

You will understand how to care for the handicapped people of the handicapped persons and the important tasks of disability support workers in the elderly or registered home care facilities. These include how to identify healthy body traits, provide appropriate care and support for the disabled, and communicate and work in the health and communal facilities area.

Alumni of this curriculum are also eligible for admission in Certificate IV in disability. This course allows you to advance your career and pursue roles with assistant hostel supervisor, care supervisor, care team leader, day activity worker, hostel supervisor, and program coordinator - social program.

Cert III Disability enables you to pursue a job role in the disability industry. After completing this course, you should consider paying attention to the following courses to further enhance your career and professional development.

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