How Long Do Ingrown Hairs Last?

Ingrown hair is a condition that hairs curl and go into the skin instead of outside. This condition can cause inflammation, pain, and minor swelling in the area where the hair has been waxed or shaved. Besides, you feel uncomfortable and unconfident with these ingrown hair areas. How long do ingrown hairs last? What are treatments for the ingrown hair? Read below to find answers.

Ingrown hair is a common condition caused by shaving. For the men, this condition usually appears in areas of the beard including the chin, cheeks and especially the neck or on the scalp if they shave their hairs. For the women, the most common areas of ingrown hairs are the armpit, area of bikini line and leg.

What are symptoms of ingrown hairs?

Widespread symptoms of ingrown hairs include:

  • Small, round and solid bumps

  • Pustules

  • Skin rash

  • Pain, itching;

  • Ingrown hair

What causes ingrown hair condition?

Anyone can get the ingrown hair, but this condition is more common in people with a very coarse or curly hair like Latinos and African Americans.

The dead skin can clog your hair follicle, which leads your hair to grow inside instead of going out as normal. Also, people with high levels of sex hormones may stimulate their hair to grow fast, which cause them to grow backward the skin, especially after shaving.

You may also get the ingrown hair if:

  • Stretching skin when shaving allows the hair to move back into the skin and not grow out;

  • Epilation can leave a piece of hair below the skin surface.

When the hairs are ingrowing, the skin considers it as a strange object and has reactions causing inflammation.

How long do ingrown hairs last?

The time how long the ingrown hair lasts depends on several factors. The ingrown hair can occur anywhere from 1 day to 14 days, which is not a concrete answer, but long-term or short-term ingrown hair is also subject to the treatment you have applied.

Factors affect the appearance of ingrown hair

It is critical to understand the reasons making the ingrown hair condition longer. If you know this condition well, you will not have to deal with bumps or itching caused by shaving or waxing.

  • Body parts

The time of occurrence of red bumps will mainly depend on each area of your body. In hidden parts, the ingrown hair lasts longer. Your skin needs to breathe to remove the bumps from ingrown hair areas, while these hidden parts lack space. That is a reason why you tend to have ingrown hairs in the bikini area and armpit longer than any other areas.

  • Kind of skin

People with oily skin will have to suffer from ingrown hair condition longer than those with dry skin. When any part of your body becomes inflamed, pores can be clogged by the excessive oil on the skin, which slows the entire course of the treatment. In this case, it is better to dry skin. However, the dry skin is more irritating than the oily skin when waxing or shaving. Therefore, after shaving, the dry skin is often itchy or red longer than oily skin.

Once you understand the factors that influence the period how long do ingrown hairs last, you can refer to some of the following methods to remedy this condition.

1. Exfoliating

Apply exfoliating creams and sponges regularly throughout the ingrown hair area every day. Exfoliating makes the skin fresh, and pores escaped, which helps ingrown hairs to go outside quickly.

Give preference to a mild exfoliation and apply lotion immediately as soon as exfoliating to regain the smoothness of the skin.

2. Using a warm towel

Disinfect cotton towels and tweezers thoroughly clean, then warm the towel with warm water and cover the area of ingrown hairs. The warm towel will enlarge the pores. As the skin of ingrown hairs becomes soft, you use tweezers to remove these hairs lightly. After that, you should apply a little healing cream to the injured skin area.

3. Applying aloe vera

Aloe vera is a natural remedy that is used to stimulate hair growth, soothe and soften skin efficiently. On the skin of ingrown hairs, you can cover a thin layer of aloe vera gel before going to bed to stimulate the hair to grow out. Aloe vera also helps brighten this skin area.

4. Using acne medication

Blackheads or pustules usually accompany the ingrown hair condition. A little acne cream with a disinfectant will help acne to disappear quickly, giving space so that the hair follicles can escape.

5. Removing ingrown hairs by aspirin mask

Aspirin is a drug used for acne and skin cleansing. Grind a small tablet of aspirin, then mix with clean water into a thick paste and apply to ingrown hair areas within 10 minutes. Aspirin contains salicylic acid that helps cleanse dead cells, sterilize the pimples.

6. Making an egg white mask

Egg whites work almost like a light waxing pad. Apply a little egg white on the ingrown hair skin then wait till it is dried. Removing this mark gently will include both new warts and dry skin.

Your lifestyle habits also have effects on the period how long do ingrown hairs last.

You will be able to control this disease if you take the following tips:

  • Wash the affected areas with a towel or a soft brush before shaving and sleeping

  • Use a sterile needle to lift the ingrown hair gently

  • Shave with a single and sharp blade

  • Stop shaving, plucking or waxing until the condition has been improved

  • Wet the skin with lukewarm water before shaving, and rub a lubricating gel;

  • Shave with same direction of hair growth

  • Limit shaving

  • Rinse the blade with water after shaving

  • Do not shave too hard, leave a little beard if possible

  • If using an electric razor, keep it slightly away from the surface of the skin

  • Apply a cool towel after shaving to reduce irritation.

From the above, I hope you get the useful knowledge about the ingrown hair condition and have the answer to the question how long do ingrown hairs last?

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