Is your property elder-friendly?

Baby boomers have become the fastest-growing demographics among the buyers and renters of real estate. The oldest of these that are in their early 70s have plans to retire in the same place which makes it important ensuring that properties can complement to potential investors of all ages.

With this, there’re many reasons you might consider a property for sale in Sharjah for the elderly but, targeting the market is difficult if it isn’t designed per their lifestyle. Irrespective of whether you’re prepared for senior buyers or renters, age based or disability discrimination is illegal and even asking on these subjects may sue you. Still, making likewise accommodations as per tenant’s request thus helping them in living safe and comfortable is a must.

Elder-friendly modifications are always welcomed if introduced during the construction or renovation phase. Senior members along with the rest of their family will definitely appreciate such thoughtful designs like ease of mobility and fall prevention so on. Here’s how to begin;

Go with the stairs

Installation of the handrails for both the sides that are wider in diameter and repair any uneven stairs are the most basic. Although building codes set the minimum height and depth of the stairs, these standards mightn’t work for those with limited suppleness. You can look into increasing their safety and comfort with at least a 7-inch height and 11-inch tread. Introduce a floor that’s non-slipping with permanent luminous strips on top and bottom of the stair for improved visibility.

Brighten the area

Install motion-sensing lights in the hallways, staircases, entrance and around the premises of the real estate. These lights can brighten dark spaces to their nooks thus essential for late-night emergency situations. They can even ward off potential intruders however, if motion sensors aren’t an option, three-way switches are good so that lights can be switched ON and OFF from various points.

Confiscate tripping hazards

Even the simplest things can go a long way such as make sure the carpets are sitting flat with no corner or edges posing a threat of tripping to anyone other than just the elders. Multifamily units should be free of clutter with ample space to bring in or easily move the furniture.

Design better bathrooms

Bathrooms can be a significant threat if poorly designed or bearing faulty equipment especially for the elderly. Replace the bathtubs with walk-in shower area that complements to those facing mobility issues. Mount grab bars around the bathroom and on the shower walls that can be conveniently used for stability as well as a support from fall. Slip-prevention flooring is another option which must be considered. In case complete remodelling of the bathroom is impossible, go for transfer benches to the side of bathtub.

Redo the kitchen

Kitchen equipment and appliances nowadays are extremely user-friendly with all the latest touch-systems and motion-sensing technology being an extra help. Select appliances with large and easy-to-read displays with technology that’s not just user-friendly but, senior friendly.


All these considerations are likely to double the chances for a profitable deal on property for sale in Sharjah.

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