How to Boost the Speed of Your PC

My PC is taking too long to start, what should I do? We often hear this question in our daily lives. Indeed, currently, no one can separate from a computer, whether in the office or at home. But one day or another, we see the overall slowdown of the PC or slowness in the use of certain software. Faced with this "unsatisfactory" situation, what to do? Simply, clean the PC to find its proper functioning. To do this, here are some tips. If you want to connect you headphone wirelessly with your TV you may need best Bluetooth transmitter for headphones.

Determine the cause of the slowdown

Sometimes the computer may suddenly become slow. To better understand the cause, it is better to identify the source of the slowdown. To do so,

  • Press the "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" keys, then Task Manager and click on the "Process" tab. 

  • Subsequently, click on the "processor" heading to determine the processes that monopolize resources. It is then recommended to remove the applications whose processes are too greedy. 

  • Lastly, we must proceed with the suppression of processes. Regarding the cleaning of the computer, currently, there is a large number of software to clean his pc . Only, we must choose them so as not to fall on a fake software.

Remove spyware

Very often, the PC takes too long to start. And once it starts, it takes hours to open a file. Sometimes, one also notices the change of appearance or the opening of unwanted pubs. This sound indeed, signs that prove that the PC is infected with microbes. That said, it is necessary to clean it. The first step is the removal of spyware and malware. These are the elements that can cause the slowdown of the PC. Regarding the removal, several antispyware programs are proposed to eliminate these malicious software. Once downloaded and once installed, simply follow the instructions to proceed with the deletion.

Uninstall unnecessary programs

Most of the time, we tend to keep things that are no longer useful in our computer. However, this can cause slowdown and slow PC. So, it is better to uninstall unnecessary games or software. To do this, open the Add / Remove Programs panel. A list of programs will appear. It remains to choose the program to remove and uninstall. It is also possible that the slowness of the PC comes from programs that start at startup. Again, there is a lot of useless software that should be removed to avoid slowing the PC.

Delete unnecessary files

Eh yes! One of the important steps to clean your pc is to delete unnecessary files. Starting with emptying the trash. This should be obvious, but we tend to forget it most of the time. Subsequently, it is also necessary to delete temporary internet files. Indeed, once a person surfs the net, the browser of his PC keeps all the web pages she has consulted. Of course, these files may be essential, but they can also become cumbersome. That said, it is better to empty them from time to time to keep the performance of the computer.

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