Types of Tenants all Property Owners Need to Avoid!

The Tenant Problem 

It isn’t always sunshine and rainbows in the world of property investment. Problems such as unstable rates and eco-political scenarios of the country are factors that always need to be considered by all owners and dealers. Another problem, which is rooted at a much more grounded level, is those of bad tenants. Beyond the luxuries of property giants such as Bahria Town Karachi, Creek Villas and others, the problem of troublesome tenants is a massive nuisance for amateur and independent property dealers. If you are a property dealers, here are the 4 types of tenants that you need to avoid:

1). The Late Payer

There is nothing as annoying as a tenant who pays rent late. From family issues, to workplace troubles, they have a problem for every solution! This is the most common type of tenant problem in the book that everyone wants to avoid.

2). Short Term Stay

Looking for new tenants at a good price in today’s economy is a frustrating challenge. Even more frustrating is that after all your troubles, they only stay for a few months. Moving in and out is a long and disturbing process which is why all landlords want a tenant that can stay long term. However, the duration of stay also depends on the quality of the property. If the accommodation is something along the lines of Bahria Sports City Villa, clearly no one would want to leave!

3). Maintenance Complainer

No one likes a complainer! Many tenants feel like they are owed the landlords personal services just because they pay the rent. By picking on even the slightest of issues, these tenants consider it their rightful duty to annoy the owners. Rather than reporting actual maintenance problems, they seem to be following a complaining schedule, acting like they are paying rent as a favor.

4). Downright Disrespectful

Some people are just plain rude. Property owners can just tell those types of people from the first interaction. Unfortunately, most independent landlords are desperate to earn rent money and thus lease the property easily. It is the duty of the tenant to not only be respectful towards the owner but also their property and the lease conditions that were agreed upon. If an external real estate agency is involved, then due respect should also be paid for their right to manage.

The ROI on a bad tenant is simply not worth it! They will likely leave your property in a mess, a mess that can cause some serious financial loss. Plus, the mental stress from having to deal with them can be too much to bear for some. Avoid the unnecessary trouble by being a little picky before selecting who you want to lease your precious property to. This may not be an issue for those dealing in properties such as Bahria Paradise or any other posh estate, but it’s a grim reality for a vast majority. Therefore you should always do a background check, conduct an interview and make sure that they can be trusted. Most of all lay down all the rules and details of your agreement beforehand. Do all that and you will surely find a tenant that can bring you good rent money without the trouble! 

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