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The graduate of Master degree in Hospitality will develop strategic thinking oriented to excellence in the service, supported by modern research methods and data interpretation for assertive decision making, in the ethical field and promotion of the human person. You will obtain the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully learn business in the international field of hospitality and lead high-performance work teams.

This Master is aimed at graduates of Bachelor of Tourism, Tourism, Hospitality, Gastronomy and Restaurant Management or graduates of equivalent degrees with experience and interest in the field of hospitality. This master degree is also for professionals with characteristics of ethical leadership and language proficiency. English, with inclinations to participate actively in the development of the food and beverage industry and / or international lodging.

A Master degree shows a person's ability to study a particular subject for one or two years. You can obtain your Master degree from a variety of technical institutes or community schools. A Diploma often leads to higher education and / or specialized work. There are a lot of reasons why study in Canada is best in case of Master degree in Hospitality. A few of them are as follow:

  • Canadians attach great importance to learning, and have developed a first class education system with a high level of study. In Canada students find a great study environment also this country is safe to live. That is why Canada is on the top priority for the students who like to do study abroad
  • In addition, students have excellent opportunities to develop projects and ideas related to their interests, acquiring valuable experience through government groups led by students, and the infrastructure of student media such as radio stations and newspapers.
  • The qualifications obtained in Canada enjoy great prestige throughout the world. Canadian education is considered at the same level as education from USA and UK.  Most of the Canadian have very good rank
  • Upon completion of the Master's Degree in Tourism Management from Canada graduates will be prepared to succeed as leaders in the complex and competitive industry as the current tourism and hospitality

If you are inserted to do Master degree in Hospitality from Canada then you can find list of universities in Canada. From the list, you can choose the top Canadian university according to your requirement and budget.

1. Vancouver Island University | Nanaimo, Canada

Course name: Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management
Duration of the course is 2 Year
One-year tuition Fees is 11500 CAD
Exam Accepted - IELTS 6.5/9 | TOEFL 88/120 | PTE-59/90

2. Selkirk College| Castlegar, Canada

Course name: Post-Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management
Duration of the course is 2 Year
One-year tuition Fees is 9400 CAD
Exam Accepted - IELTS 6.5/9 | TOEFL 79/120

3. Royal Roads University| Colwood, Canada

Course name: Master of Arts in Tourism Management
Duration of the course is 17 Month
One-year tuition Fees is 19482 CAD
Exam Accepted - IELTS 6.5/9 | TOEFL 80/120

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