Best Rakhi Gift Ideas for Brothers

Rakhi is an occasion that is extremely special, and it marks the bond of a brother and sister and their growing love. It has its origin even in mythology and is celebrated as a very important festival all throughout the country. Sisters fast for the well-being of their brothers and pray for them and the brothers in return take an oath to protect them and be with them through thick and thin. This is a very emotional and special bonding that has remained unbreakable and strong for the years to come. You also have a look at how to celebrate Independence Days Images 2018 in India.

Sometimes the siblings live far apart, and they are not able to meet physically but at the present day, with the advent of technology, people conduct video calls and are able to see each other on special days.

Let us have a look on some nice gifts to give our brothers during Rakhi:

·         Send Rakhi and Beautiful Flowers:

The first and the foremost gift that we think about Rakhi is to A beautiful Rakhi with flowers to our brother and surprise them with this. They might not expect this at all and might be extremely happy to start their day after they have received the surprise from their sisters. Even if they are miles apart from the sisters, it is possible to connect to an online florist and send a Rakhi online with a beautiful bunch of flowers. We are sure that the brother is going to gleam with joy and have a smile spread wide.

·         Chocolates and Dry Fruits

No Rakhi gift us ever complete without a box of chocolates and dry fruits and we must also not break the tradition. Sweet days are always to be celebrated with sweets and chocolates always do justice to this tradition. By indulging in dry fruits that are mixed with salt and spices or simply dipped in chocolate, we can always celebrate the day with pomp and gaiety. We can also order for exotic and exclusive imported chocolates to celebrate this day.

·         Leather Wallets and Belts:

We can always gift them an exclusive collection of leather wallets and belts so that they are able to use them. Many a times our brothers forget to buy these and keep on using the same old ones. We can always buy new and lavish branded accessories for them and pamper them to live in luxury. These two products are extreme essentials and if the brother own a lot of these there’s no harm it as he can use these in various days.

·         Freshener Kit

We can always gift them a fresheners kit where there are products like face wash, moisturizer, body soap, shaving cream, after shave lotion, razors, shaving brush, handkerchief, bath robe, hair set gel, shampoo, conditioner and even a bath robe with exotic deodorants and rare perfumes so that the brothers feel lived and special. We can choose for the bath robe to be customized with their favorite colors and also their names imprinted on the robes. This is a very unusual gift and people would definitely enjoy receiving and sending this hamper to our lovely brothers. You also have a look at how to celebrate Rakhi in India.

·         Tickets to his Favorite sport

We all know that men love sports and what other gift would they like if they presented with tickets for them and their group of friends. Be it football or cricket or basketball or maybe tennis we can always surprise them with thus unusual option. They might be awaiting to watch a game for long and saving to buy tickets for long, we can just help them seeing the match and clear our closet because they are going to spend the amount saved on their sister’s gifts.

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